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Social Media Sites are web sites that allow individuals to share content they have created, such as YouTube (video sharing) and Flickr (photo sharing). CTSIEdWeb (Child to Teen Social media Index to Educational and skill-building Websites), as a prosocial media site, profiled the award-winning websites in English Language (kid-safe, COPPA certified, Parent’s Choice, Educator’s Choice, Academics' Choice Smart Media, Codie, etc.) which are small contributions of millions of people from different countries for Babies to Teens, Parents and Families, and Teachers and Schools.


CTSIEdWeb was conceived after several readings on trends and innovation projects that would be helpful not just for child's development but for parents and teachers as well, being a child's mentors. Many research literature demonstrated that prosocial media can foster prosocial interactions. Longitudinal studies suggest that habitual use of prosocial media can cause long-term increases in prosocial behavior. These effects can be understood within the framework of the general learning model which states that people learn from environmental interactions, including from the media, and they do so through several learning mechanisms. Media content determines much of what is learned. Thus, this site works as "the library of kid-safe media contents" where parents, teachers and kids can save time surfing the web.


Why website not app? A website can help reach more users in comparison to a mobile app. To prove this, Google provides web and mobile analytics. Around 21% of their website traffic comes from mobile devices, 77.09% comes from desktop,  and 1.86% from tablets.


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